A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Developed by HELA TEAM

Nordic mythologycal 2D Platformer Videogame in which your shield can be your platform.

Better experience with controller.


Thrud, Thor's daughter, playing with her father's hammer has been engulfeded by Jörmungandr, the snake of the world. This hides countless dangers, and our protagonist must overcome them to recover the hammer and beat the snake.


A classic but peculiar 2D platform game. In order to move forward, our heroine has its mystical shield to overcome the different rooms. This can be used as a platform and to counterattack their enemies, offering new possibilities of play. 


The game features a unique artistic style, completely hand-drawn following a cartoon style, along with vivid and saturated colors. To this is added a 3D lighting work that gives the player a feeling of sublime depth.


The game has an entirely composed soundtrack with the collaboration of Josep-Manel Vega, composer and professional musician. Each track has been treated to offer the greatest immersion possible. 


ThrudInstaller.exe 209 MB
Thrud.zip 245 MB

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